Avalaunch — Not just another launchpad…

  • What makes Avalaunch unique
  • What kind of value does Avalaunch bring to both AVAX and the blockchain ecosystem
  • The extra elements that make Avalaunch really shine
  • Its broader applications for long term growth
  • The ‘tokenmomics’
  • Current and future updates planned for Avalaunch
  • Fair and Equitable Fundraising: the only requirements for participating in the sales portion of the Avalaunch platform is completing registration and KYC requirements, along with verifying the correct receiving wallet you’d prefer to use. This process helps ensure that it is fair and not based on favouritism whilst making sure there are as few bad actors as possible.
  • Vesting and Distribution: users of the platform can stake $XAVA (more on the Avalaunch native token shortly) in order to gain a distribution automatically by projects listed on the platform.
  • Interoperable Swap Pools: Avalaunch is built with the appropriate liquidity to manage both the interest and capacity of fundraising. It’s never a great thing when trying to raise money for projects and the users cannot get a fair exchange due to a lack of liquidity. Having interoperable swap pools help engage communities without this issue.
  • Permissionless Listing: No fancy or challenging requirements to list the projects on the platform.
  • $XAVA holders receive allocation for for doing due diligence in making Avalaunch a liquid platform.
  • All $XAVA holders help with the overall integrity of the platform, regardless of the size of their involvement or eligibility of each project on the launchpad.
  • Long term participation and community building in the $XAVA ecosystem.
  • No negative contributions to the network — no tiered systems, whitelists, or minimum allocations that prevent participation or unfair benefits.
  • Validator Round: this is open exclusively to Avalaunch validators on the platform aka the main users. This is the first sale on each project round and makes up the first 10% of available tokens that a project lists via Avalaunch.
  • Community Round: this is the main round and one that takes up the most allocation of the three sales rounds. In this round, 85% of a project’s token availability is up for purchase. This is available for all users of the Avalaunch platform that have a minimum stake in $XAVA tokens.
  • Public Round: this is the final round, making up 5% of tokens that are available and require users to only be community members regardless if they are staking $XAVA tokens or not.
  • Allocation Staking, or Single-Sided Staking.
  • Farming Application, also known as Liquidity Provision.
  • Allocation Staking: this style of utility takes the form of staking, where a user can hold a certain amount of XAVA tokens and gain more tokens for doing so. This is also called “single-sided” staking because there is no permanent loss associated with this type of staking. Users, by staking like this can gain rewards in a variety of ways including: allocation into IDOs (which is optional to participate in), ecosystem rewards, deposit fees, allocation fees etc.
  • Farming Application: otherwise known in its more common name of Liquidity Provisioning. Users of Avalaunch will be able to farm $XAVA tokens by adding them to pools that help maintain the flow of fundraising on the platform. In many ways this is similar to staking but in a much more streamlined way and with a higher emphasis on pool rewards. Users that use their $XAVA tokens directly for farming have a 66% split in the reward pools.



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