Cellframe — Web 3.0 Done Right

  • Interoperability: Cellframe allows for users to have interoperability between blockchains by using what they call “Cell Bridges”. These bridges will allow data to be sent and called from the different chains which helps create an opportunity for future expansion in the overall ecosystem.
  • VPN/CDN Connectivity: traditional VPNs take a different approach, but with Cellframe, the framework is used to create a decentralised bandwidth sharing economy. In this model, the nodes used for this connectivity depend upon the nodes around the user in particular. This helps create the fastest route for the VPN/CDN, not necessarily the closest.
  • Open Source Blockchain Frameworks: the implementation for this framework is completely open source, which is made possible by launching custom sub-chains for users to take advantage of.
  • Mirror Chains: Cellframe has also introduced the ability to have similar chains working alongside the framework, allowing for extra protection in the event of an attack and for restoration in case an attack does occur.
  • Second Layer Solutions: in addition to being used as a service on its own, Cellframe can also be used as a second layer solution for a blockchain that is already set in place, including Ethereum. This solution can also be used as a side chain as well.
  • Audio/Video Streaming: the framework for the Cellframe network is also encrypted well enough to use audio and video services through the framework itself, maximising its effect on various media types.
  • Edge Computing: The Cellframe network isn’t just working for internet services from the browser or desktop, but can also be used for so-called “edge computing” services that are used on smartphones, tablets, and other personal devices. This is done by a process called fog commuting where Cellframe can isolate the demand on the network for a certain area where smartphones are in the closest location to each other.
  • Testnet (Version 2.0): by the end of September, Cellframe is expected to upgrade its alpha testnet into a beta testnet, or Version 2.0 which will allow more features to be tested and run for accuracy and efficiency.
  • Bridge With Ethereum: by November, Cellframe is expected to equip their testnet capabilities to have a bridge compatible with the Ethereum network, creating the first steps to interoperability.
  • Dual Mainnet Launch: by the end of 2021, Cellframe plans to have not just their mainnet running but also the bridge mainnet to Ethereum as well.
  • Cellframe Dashboard: the year 2022 is expected to have a great start for them as they introduce the Cellframe dashboard, giving a GUI to the network.
  • WASM based smart contracts: Around May 2022, Cellframe is expected to expand their framework to implement smart contracts.
  • Dedicated Storage Services: And by the conclusion of August 2022, Cellframe plans to have a full storage service solution for its users.




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