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Kalao: An ecosystem of NFT goodness

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Disclaimer: I am personally invested in Kalao.


NFTs are quite simply here to stay. At one time people considered them a cool but gimicky thing you can do with the blockchain and it developed into a niche market soon after. However in the consideration of its progress, NFTs have had explosive growth and a worldwide recognition that they are truly an experience for the entire artistic and creative community. What many have recognised is that NFTs are not just collections, marketplaces, or communities; the NFT space has truly brought a whole new spectrum where technology and creativity are united. The future is certainly both digital and virtual and we have been on that trajectory for some time.

Kalao is in my personal the next big project that understands this — that NFTs are not just a “token”, but an ecosystem. It is a legitimate world of creativity.

What is Kalao?

Kalao is both an ecosystem and an experience. The Kalao project is an NFT marketplace that allows for a unique and dynamic entrance into the metaverse for showing, sharing, and viewing your NFTs while also offering ways to buy, sell, and exchange them with peers and like-minded individuals. Kalao places a huge focus on the NFT experience in Virtual Reality (VR), which makes it an extremely immersive and more personal way of expressing or viewing creative talents. Kalao is also a low-cost and effective way to showcase NFTs and this is due to it being powered by the Avalanche blockchain, a newer chain that has garnered massive popularity due to its smooth experience and efficiency.

The Advantage of Kalao is within the Metaverse itself…

The Kalao framework is set to accelerate other parallel features along with this NFT experience such as VR technologies. Virtual Reality has largely been a great technology but only through novelty-based applications. Using VR for Kalao was a specific design choice which helps create a more personal expression of the NFT lifestyle.

Here are a few of the advantages of using Kalao for your NFTs:

  • Art Galleries: Artwork is a major part of the Kalao universe, as people can express their creations by making an art gallery that can be displayed. Galleries made by users can either be public or private, showcasing all their artwork to as many or as few people as they wish. Using this alongside VR, art galleries in the metaverse are not just novel concepts to view NFTs, but part of an immersive idea to share your creativity in a whole new way.
  • Event Ticketing: Kalao has NFTs as a cornerstone of its project creation, but the project hosts more than just artwork or individual collections. Users of the platform can also create event ticketing features to sell for sporting events, concerts, and conferences. For these events, people on the platform can use the marketplace to trade these tickets, giving others the opportunity to catch an event they may have missed. Also, event organisers can do live streams for their events!
  • Luxury Goods: In addition to artwork and tickets, Kalao can also use non-fungible tokens for luxury goods, in which the organisers of those goods can create a 1:1 representation for the goods as expressed by the NFT. Creating this adaptation alongside the VR experience will greatly enhance how luxury items can be viewed and understood. A purchased NFT in this way can be taken with you in the metaverse and exchanged for a real world item. An exciting prospect for those interested in fashion for example.

The Kalao Value Proposition

There are lots of advantages of using Kalao for an experience, but what about underneath the hood? How does Kalao operate and how can it achieve the metaverse experience that it wishes to give? It has been well executed and planned, since creating a NFT metaverse is heavy on resources. Here are a few things behind the Kalao brand that gives foundational benefits to a NFT VR ecosystem:

  • Built On Avalanche: as with every blockchain project, each chain needs to be considered in order to find which one works best. Kalao has chosen Avalanche for its source chain as it helps create a low cost and efficient platform to use. A lack of efficiency can create poor user experiences while high costs can create a huge barrier of entry. Avalanche is one of the fastest blockchain networks which uses an extremely low cost to operate, in addition to having a scalable network that can take on the size and resources of a project as ambitious as Kalao.
  • Complex Experiences: although “experience” has been a buzz word for Kalao, it’s a word that deserves the extra attention for what they are trying to accomplish. Kalao isn’t just about an experience in a generic way, but really going above and beyond to give something incredible. When someone sees a picture of a remote island in a paradise, they can see it with their eyes and probably “experience” it with their minds. But this is altogether different when someone actually visits that island and gets to enjoy it — not just with their eyes, but also with all of their senses. This is why Kalao is set on using things like VR, where you can customise your galleries or events, but also in projects like the ‘Kalao Citadel’, where users can buy land, rent places, and allow businesses to rent from them. Layers upon layers of thought have been placed into what Kalao is ultimately providing.
  • Governance: a metaverse is always in need of a way to function, much like any economy. As a result, Kalao will have its own token, called the $KLO token, which will handle many things in the metaverse but also governance proposals and ideas. This gives users much more weight to how they can manage things within the world of Kalao.
  • Multiplayer Modes: this will be a later feature, but Kalao will be able to support interaction on a multiplayer level, giving users the ability to do things like play games and enjoy live streams with their friends or like minded people.

The $KLO Token

Powering Kalao is the $KLO token, which is a fundamental utility for the network and helps operate the metaverse for things like governance but also in terms of giving benefits to users. People that use that platform can stake $KLO tokens in order to unlock certain aspects of the Kalao ecosystem:

  • Tier 1: requiring 10,000 $KLO tokens or less to stake, this creates a hard cap of 2.5% on fees within the ecosystem (with 25% reallocated to the DAO wallet used on the platform). This also gives 5 NFT gallery slots for the VR account with 1 NFT as a backup for these galleries.
  • Tier 2: this tier requires at least 10,001 KLO tokens and up to 75,000 tokens. The 2.5% fees with 25% allocation remain the same, but VR galleries are doubled to 10 slots, along with 2 backup slots, enhanced sharing capabilities, and NFT customisations like changing lighting, framing, etc.
  • Tier 3: requiring 75,001 to 250,000 KLO tokens, this tier allows for 20 NFT gallery slots with 5 backup slots. Gallery customisations are also enhanced, allowing to change colours, textures, and import things like 3D logos. This also gives a reduction in fees to 2% and a 25% discount when promoting NFTs and galleries.
  • Tier 4: the highest tier on the Kalao ecosystem, this requires greater than 250,000 KLO tokens. Stakeholders can enjoy 1.25% fees, access to exclusive NFT collections, 50% discount when promoting on the platform, unlimited access to NFT slots, 10 gallery backup slots, access to full customisation service, and can submit proposals for governance issues.

All tiers have the ability to vote on proposals according to the amount of KLO tokens that they hold. For example, each tier will have a say in a proposal, but Tier 3 will have more influence than Tier 1, while only Tier 4 can create proposals for everyone to vote on.


With the ever-expanding realm of NFTs, it makes sense to have a metaverse that everyone can start sharing not just their tokens, but also their shared interests. Kalao is fundamentally a very solid ecosystem that gets many things right — huge galleries for artwork, integration for “other” NFT types like tickets to events and luxuries, while also providing solid ways to experience all of these. Kalao, powered by Avalanche, gives a few less things for users to be concerned about with the reduced costs and faster loading times.

Kalao pushes the NFT bar even higher with an almost limitless amount of potential.

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