Radix — Where DeFi Thrives

  • Decentralised (DeFi): Radix understands the importance of finance not being centrally controlled. DeFi is finance designed for peer to peer transacting without an intermediary (bank) or governing body (governments). While Radix is not the first DeFi project, it’s changing the game from the ground up by focusing on some very specific areas.
  • Community: A thriving, active, and rewarding community of developers and consumers. Radix was built around the idea of community and rewarding those who develop and use the platform. With this type of thinking, the incentives are there to attract and retain top blockchain talent as developers can freely contribute. The broader user within a community benefits from the establishing of this top talent.
  • Security: It’s 2021 and in the world of tech, you will have no success if you have no real security. This is even truer in the world of digital finance and in the future of sound money, security is key. Radix built their platform and code from the ground up mirroring the same style of programming used in mission critical systems like nuclear power stations. It’s secure by design.
  • Scalability: The ability to grow into the future. Technology is ever changing with standards, protocols, languages and even the way we interact with it. Radix has embraced this and built a highly scalable platform poised for natural growth as technology and needs change around the project and the crypto space as a whole.
  • Flash Loans (Borrowing and returning funds within seconds of each other)
  • Collateralised Lending (The use of your assets to secure a loan)
  • Web 3 integrations (Connections to the future of a decentralised internet)
  • Yield Incentives (You are incentivised for using the Radix network and tokens)
  • Liquid Staking (Locking up your tokens to provide network liquidity and gain rewards)
  • NFT’s (Non fungible tokens — AKA — unique, non replaceable digital items for purchase and keeping.



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