Zort IS Autonomous Trading.

So what exactly is Zort?

  • Smarter Technology: the technology behind Zort is algorithmic and can adapt for all market conditions. In a bull market, the platform is designed to be a profit-driven machine by helping maximise the potential earnings of its users. In a bear market, its objective is to create a risk management system so users can maintain the portfolio. Zort has market strategies that help users in almost every circumstance. Zort can aggregate large amounts of market based data (the data they can access) based on intuitive backtesting strategies that they have done since 2016. By capitalising on this, they are able to offer speculative trading to its users.
  • Simplicity: via the APIs connected from exchanges, users are given direct and simplistic access to how trades can be made — whether they want to take more control of them on their own or by letting Zort handle the trades in full. Aspects of trades like risk tolerance and stop losses can be made direct.
  • Security & Control: with Zort, every aspect of the platform is already built with military-grade encryption alongside the benefits of a complete, end-to-end decentralised trading experience. When it comes to data for example, no one, not even Zort themselves can see your information, even the administrators. Exchange APIs are directly added to the platform to connect to your accounts but Zort does not own them — the technology used keeps Zort as a facilitator for your portfolio and trades without direct access to your money.

The secret sauce…

  • Real Quantitive Trading: unlike platforms like 3Commas and CryptoHopper, which the team at Zort believe to be “hosting platforms with alerts”, Zort’s AI uses actual data and strategies to underpin their platform.
  • Non-personal by Design: with Zort, not having people directly involved in your trades is a feature, not a bug. Zort believes that it should be fully automated to avoid emotional decisions that can alter trades in ways that shouldn’t. The algorithms go by the strategies given and that’s all.
  • Staking and Trading Benefits: this will be explained in more detail later, but Zort offers 8% staking APR on the $ZORT token which is also used to reduce trading fees. This is their way of being able to support the network without charging large amounts of money per month.
  • No Direct Fiat Deposits: the Zort trading system does not directly access any of your money at any time. When you deposit money into the system, the software gives you a credit for the same amount, making sure that your connections from any exchanges are not accessible by a human being or by their coded software.
  • Popular Exchange Listings: Zort is committed to partnering only with the best of exchanges so users can rely on its reputation for quality. Currently, the $ZORT token is only available on one CEX that being KuCoin but further CEX listings are in the pipeline.
  • Institutional Grade Management: Zort has already been in charge of over $65 million of digital assets in both Bitcoin and Ethereum, proving itself in its history that it can manage portfolios of any scale with reputable results.
  • Stop Loss Refunds: Zort is committed to helping you save money when things don’t go your way. When a stop loss is triggered on a losing trade, you don’t pay any fees as a result. The fees that you used on a trade is refunded to you in the event of a liquidation.
  • No Additional KYC: since Zort does not manage any of the direct trading and does not have access to your account, it does not collect any KYC information like 3Commas or CryptoHopper. This helps prevent third parties from having access to your data.

$ZORT Token Benefits

  • Staking, giving an average of 8% APR for all tokens held with no lock
  • Trading discounts, which can reduce trading fees as much as 50% with required deposits ranging from 100,000 ZORT to 300,000 ZORT




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